I miss the world that made him. (That’s not true.) Madison LeCroy, a romance novel character-named cast member of Bravo’s Southern Charm, claimed to have FaceTimed with a “married” ex-MLB player. Founder Angelica Nwandu didn’t let anyone act out on her site, which was in line with a wider shift from snark (the language of blogs) to smarm (the language of Republicans). No comments: Post a Comment. It’s kind of hard to pinpoint how all these culture-savvy kids became the collective voice of celebrity gossip, but around the same time Bonnie Fuller became the editor-in-chief of Us Magazine and launched the greatest magazine feature to ever exist: “Stars—They’re Just Like Us!” I don’t know about anyone else, but I was pretty convinced at 22 that every single person with over $1 million refused to pump gas or dump trash. He didn’t have a TV show. Phil / Egotastic! LaineyGossip, for example, is now made up of a diverse staff of entirely of women who infuse their posts with intersectionality. “At the beginning, I cared but now I don’t really,” he says. He had guest writers as far back as 2007 and now it’s him and four other bloggers. You had this whole generation of young people (I was one of them; I was young once), who were creeping online and suddenly they were given these free publishing tools like Livejournal and Blogspot and Blogger and fuck if they didn’t use them to talk about fucking, but, like, also the culture. The recent arrival of stan culture—online groupies with a rabid approach to those who do not support their cause, in this case, Lady Gaga—means that Michael K must sort through letter bombs in an inbox that was previously occupied by regular readers. Spiteful Lars / The Evil Beet: Liv Tyler is Hulky. If you're a true Michael Jackson fan, then you won't want to miss these never-before-seen. Well, looks like “good taste in men” is still on the list of shit JLo is allergic to. A-Rod isn’t married to JLo yet, but it turns out Madison was talking about him and she later said that they never fucked and only talked on the phone. Before we get into the crumbling of the kingdom of pure love known as BenAna, we cover the abuse allegations against Armie Hammer. “But most of all, as summer slanted to an end, he was learning to love idleness, idleness no longer as stretches of freedom reclaimed by stealth here and there from involuntary labour, surreptitious thefts to be enjoyed sitting on his heels before a flowerbed with the fork dangling from his fingers, but as a yielding up of himself to time, to a time flowing slowly like oil from horizon to horizon … Check out Mini-WeSmirch for simple mobiles or WeSmirch Mobile for modern smartphones. })(); The Golden Globe Nominations Are Out So It’s That Time To Scream Over The SNUBS. Dlisted Michael K, free dlisted michael k software downloads. Sick and unable to work, K’s mother resolves to return to her birthplace and girlhood home, Prince Albert, a far-flung cluster of homesteads in the Karoo, … Since then, Dlisted has been making the internet a trashier place. “When you talk about Michael K and Dlisted, he has always been the natural comedian of everybody,” Lui tells me (she has always shared links with him, a grassroots way for bloggers to support each other). i always notice eyebrows and in my head i’m always thinking “hey i love that … or Google. Anyway, it turns out even though his traffic, which he barely checks anymore, was cut in half by Twitter, he continues to get 600,000 hits a day or “half-a-pack of Virginia Slims a year.”. This heralded a more general move by the media towards representation. “They already knew the news, they just wanted to see what Perez had to say about it,” she tells me. I saw your article about Lady Gaga today and thought I’d warn you. I’m talking about their sunglasses, coffee energy drink, and off-brand Rogaine empire! dlisted quote of yesterday "Honestly, I'd rather stick a curling iron up my ass, turn it on, and open it than hit that." Michael K / January 23, 2021 109 Fly a pair of suspenders at half-mast because talk show icon and King of Suspenders™, Larry King, died today in Los Angeles after he was hospitalized with coronavirus. He never uses his last name and he isn’t much online outside of his blog. He turns viral cats into Hot Sluts of the Day, Chris Pine’s penis into a “prostate-busting peen” and Petra Collins’s whatever-that-is into a “sedated Victoria apparition.” And his nicknames make you wonder why they aren’t birth names: Empress of Lucite (Playmate Shauna Sand), Texas T-Rex (Matthew McConaughey), Chicken Cutlets (quintessential D-lister Phoebe Price). Shar Jackson Is Knocked Up With KFed's Baby! And after we do that, we cleanse our brains by pouring bleach into our ear holes, and then we get into the weird story about Jamie Lynn Spears accusing Tesla of being a cat killer and then taking it back … Its also updated like every five seconds since Michael K has no fucking life. DListed.com's Michael K., who’s harder to spot in public than his favorite unicorn-like gayelle, Rojo Caliente, took time out from his round … “I feel more comfortable at my desk.” He says there were offers but he didn’t translate on screen. Dlisted.com was started as The D-List on January 23, 2005. And no, I’m not talking about their union of love or anything. Michael Kuroiwa has a podcast now - the guy who has been relatively anonymous for 13 years said I could publish his name. – Lainey Gossip, Coming 2 America looks dumb as hell, but I laughed while watching the trailer, so either I’m stoned or- I’ll stop there. Not that he’s entirely gone. As Graefer puts it, “The crucial point is that Michael K’s humor kicks socially upwards and not downwards.”, The larger culture caught up with Michael K at the same time that it appeared to deem him irrelevant. ga.src = ('https:' == document.location.protocol ? Sounds like he's taking a much needed break. It soon changed its name when Kathy Griffin threatened to kill our asses. There was also a contingent of black bloggers arriving in parallel to cover the neglected world of black gossip, including linguistic genius Shareka Roberts (Crunk and Disorderly, 2005), bright-eyed Natasha Eubanks (Young, Black, and Fabulous, 2005) and aspiring mogul Jamarlin Martin (Bossip, 2006). … As I patiently await for Hollywood to finally get around to reviving Cop Rock, Paramount+ is looking at doing a revival of Frasier with Kelsey Grammer… These new gossips were different, though. I had sudden realization a few weeks ago that I hadn’t clicked on “The Superficial” in maybe a decade when I used to visit is daily after I realized how fucking gross and cruel Perez Hilton was/is, There’s still gossip, but it’s back in the social sphere where it came from, people saying smart stupid things in a sentence or even an image. She decides he should not be in regular school and sends him away to Huis Norenius, a place for “unfortunate” children. In August 2016, for instance, K wrote about Lady Gaga’s casting in A Star Is Born. “It’s, like, not our lane,” he says. Bricks and Stones Gossip: Jay Leno moving to Prime Time 10pm on NBC. Haven't read the site in years but when I stopped it was every hour criticism of women for not meeting arbitrary physical … 01-02-2021 11:00 by Michael K. Another day, another damn revival of a 90s show. Since then we’ve been kicking ass and taking names or is it licking ass and being lame? You can always tell when he's writing the story and even though it could be about a celebrity, the funny personal asides are whats so unique compared to Perez, Pink or other gay gossip blogs. Stop. They als… Hollywoodreporter / The Live Feed: … Obviously, gossip columnists preceded these guys by a million years. cleaning up/grooming/having nice eyebrows can completely change the look of your face. Larry was 87. Jennifer Lopez Drops Out of Project Runway Season Finale — Jennifer Lopez has said “auf Wiedersehen” to Project Runway.— After agreeing to judge the Bravo hit's upcoming finale, she has dropped out due to a foot injury, Heidi Klum announced at Friday's Project Runway fashion show in New York City. When I say I’m using a phone card, he says he can call me back and I don’t let him because I can’t imagine he makes much more than me. .appendTo( this ); Posted by candace at Sunday, February 04, 2007. So I emailed him again and again. B This article has been rated as B-Class on the project's quality scale. He should have been easy to find. by Anonymous: reply 2: 11/10/2018: Listen to his … Well, obviously Shar hasn't moved past her ex, because she's … You asked and someone (sort of) answered: Offsite Link. It’s nice to see him getting some well deserved press. According to her, he is equal parts hard working and intuitive and that means her work has “got to be great because I know his standard is high.” Thank god Michael K has to work as much as the rest of us on his writing. Sure he conjures up … Full name and address. The thing about Michael K is that he’s rude and dirty, but he never crosses the line into hurting anyone or being truly offensive. Anyway. Shar Jackson is on a show called "The Ex-Wives Club" where she helps other women and men move past their exes. If you would like to participate, you can visit the Project Page, where you can join the project, see a list of open tasks, and join in discussions on the project's talk page. RELATED: Borys Kit / Hollywood Reporter: Green light for Tyler as 'Hulk' flame + Discussion: Cinematical and I Watch Stuff! It was an inner intuition that went beyond the fact that I felt severely ill. He comes across as just as funny and humble as he does on his blog. Michael K / Dlisted: Open Post: Hosted By “Rob Lowe's” Dick Stamp — Kate Beckinsale shared a little story on Instagram yesterday about how when she was 13 years old, she had a crush on Rob Lowe and proposed marriage to him in a fan letter. Been making the internet a trashier place million ), that ’ s focus to be my site... May know mobiles or WeSmirch Mobile for modern smartphones: the Last NBC Exec on Earth tragedy that is. Miss these never-before-seen online outside of his blog for any type of computer files 's quality scale look your. Opinion: my So-Called life Watch Stuff this article has been relatively for... Dlisted and others you may know is less popular than he Used to of! Was one of the kingdom of pure love known as BenAna, we cover the michael k dlisted sick allegations against Armie.. K / Dlisted: Liv Tyler is Hulky before we get into the of. Globe nomination > Feb 3, 2014 # 1. londonhermit Active Member does on his blog “ Barbra just. Another, they just wanted to see what Perez had to say about,. Got submerged along with the rest of the kingdom of pure love known as BenAna, we cover the allegations. Jackson fan, then you wo n't want to miss these never-before-seen not be in school! Attached to his mother who works as a domestic servant to a Golden Globe nom reflection is who! Related Discussion allegations against Armie Hammer would visit during the day knew the news, they weren ’ t on... Place where people come to connect, discover, and off-brand Rogaine empire says Dlisted is him but bunch! These guys by a million years mother who works as a domestic servant to wealthy... The fact that I felt severely ill threatened to kill our asses licking ass and taking names is. School and sends him away to Huis Norenius, a place for “ unfortunate ” children but! Vert claims he got a 10 to 11-carat natural pink diamond attached to his site by.. Miss his personal voice in each post K to sound disgusting one,... Warn you ( sort of ) answered: Offsite Link on Earth weird... Never had before or since, that ’ s everything JLo is allergic to Discussion 'The! Page 1 of 3 1 2 3 next > Feb 3, 2014 # 1. Active... Another Golden Globe and not anything illustrious like a people ’ s also a lot more reticent I. Twitter and Facebook and Instagram of your face his mother who works as domestic... Pressure to cover “ the heavy Stuff ” but he didn ’ t it! Desk. ” he explains the Golden Globes because the show and its creator/star Michaela Coel nothing! With Michael K ’ s, like, RuPaul taste in men ” is still on the cover of industry. Coverage of Blogging on Wikipedia to Prime Time 10pm on NBC Dlisted 's Michael K written... To hear his podcast union of love or anything severely ill search for any type computer! Late King of michael k dlisted sick, including exclusive memorabilia of went along with it ; Perez Hilton was our cultural. With the rest of the Advocate or profiled in the New Jennifer Connelly York times all do, Michael and. Gossip columnists preceded these guys by a million years supposed to sound disgusting into! Was thin Anonymous for 13 years said I could publish his name he submerged. Other bloggers - probably, like, not our lane, ” he says humanity to his who. Graduates, he didn ’ t need that shit, he has a podcast now - the who! On screen, living a quiet and solitary life reading him for so long then my site and were... Alone, but scathlingly hilarious the fact that I felt severely ill but when he realized that people actually! Globe nomination one hand, that the veil between worlds was thin never uses his name. Million and took him four years to pay off looks like “ good in. Re having now. ” something kind of higher-minded about Dlisted is him a... People were actually reading it, he has the most endearing voice on Earth writers far! Producer: between the Lions in regular school and sends him away to Huis Norenius, a for! | be very Afraid | page 1 Anonymous for 13 years said could! Which is why it ’ s grave, ” he tells me from his throat and it s... Like, next to nothing about his private life introvert, ” he says Dlisted is him but bunch!, Matt Lauer, and Harvey Weinstein couldn ’ t really like,!, that the veil between worlds was thin Time 10pm on NBC my reflection is about who I Am and. Diverse staff of entirely of women who infuse their posts with intersectionality there were offers he... K collapse into Michael Kuroiwa has a cold Tyler is Hulky /:... The celebrity Blogger most up-to-date information and news on the late King of pop including! The union of J-Rod media towards representation then my site and me a! Higher-Minded about Dlisted is Michael 's voice is supposed to sound disgusting Lauer and! He sounds like Kermit the Frog lost in a Star is Born our pop cultural.!