The Mystery of the New Tenkaichi Tournament" / "What is the Tournament? Goku and Major start to fight, and after a few hits, Goku knocks him over. Bulma, Krillin and General Blue dive into a well. Gohan's Miracle Power" / "A Whole New Gohan", "Has He Done It!? Gohan ni Semaru Shi no Kyōfu, Tabechau zo!! Their boat runs out of gas, so they have to walk through the desert. Jackie Chun then enters his fight, and although he is completely distracted with thoughts of Goku's new strength, he defeats his opponent in three blows. Knowing that he must stop Goku's rampage at any cost, Jackie Chun fires his most powerful Kamehameha wave. 7. Nerawareta Nishi no Miyako! Goku vs. Vegeta" / "Goku vs. Vegeta... A Saiyan Duel!" Once he gets it, he picks the mouse that saved him and runs, but Bulma and Krillin are about to leave. "We Did It! Here are The Longest Fights In Dragon Ball Z By Number Of Episodes! Goku runs toward Krillin, creating a Kamehameha wave as he goes. [Nimbus Speed], "Father is Awesome! On his Flying Nimbus, Goku chases Hasky's hover ship. A bird then flies away with the ball in its talons. Goku and Bulma meet up with Yamcha, Puar and Oolong. ", "Undyingly Unpleasant!? The third match between Nam and Ranfan begins. Shōri e no Saigo no Negai, Tokoton Yarōze!! Goku goes to the mountain to gather snow while Pilaf, Shu and Mai are searching after the fan. Two More Boos Inside of Boo" / "Deadly Vision", "Where Is the Exit!? Birth of the God of Destruction Named Cell" / "Cell is Complete", "Super Vegeta in Peril!! Genki Dama no Chō Hakairyoku!! Goku and Chi-Chi notice smoke coming from the village, so they go to check it out. Then he jumps down and runs off with Bulma's suitcase, which contains their Dragon Balls. Goku and Krillin catch up to him and find that it was the Crane Hermit trying to avenge the death of Tao. Motto Tsuyoku!! After a failed torture of "treatment" on Bulma, Pilaf, Shu and Mai releases sleeping gas inside the chamber, which knocks everyone out, including the Emperor himself who did not put on his gas mask. Goku saves them from wolves, and heads back. Death's Dread Draws Near Gohan" / "The Terror of Majin Buu", "'Gonna Eat'cha!!' Goku agrees to live up to this promise, and warns Krillin to be careful of his opponent in the next match. They are able to escape on their ship, but Goku follows them on the Nimbus Cloud. Nazo no Kyodai Uchūsen no Kodomotachi, Honto ni Honto? However, Krillin ultimately loses, as Launch made, "With Life at Stake! Goku is nowhere to be found. Chi-Chi thinks Goku is coming, and since she wants to marry him, the Ox King roasts the bird for a wedding feast. The manga portion of the series debuted in Weekly Shōnen Jump in October 4, 1988 and lasted until 1995; the anime adaptation premiered in Japan on Fuji Television on April 26, 1989, taking over its predecessor's time slot, and ran until its end on January 31, 1996, lasting 291 episodes in Japan, and 276 episodes in the United States originally, although all 291 episodes were later broadcast when content from the first 67 episodes was restored. "'Lo! Vegeta's Breakthrough First Strike of Fury" / "Vegeta Attacks", "Goku's Power Wide Open!! Goku sets off on his search for the four-star Dragon Ball. He picks up on the thief's scent and follows it to its source. Doragon Bōru Ossu! As they are attacked by a giant alligator and savages, Violet selfishly leaves her men to die, giving her the chance to escape with the ball. Majin wa Ore ga Shimatsu-suru. Answer. Dragon Ball is the first in a trilogy of anime adaptations of the Dragon Ball manga series by Akira Toriyama. Krillin's first opponent is an enemy from his old martial arts school. Milk Delivery" / "Milk Delivery". His First Fight" / "Gohan Makes a Friend" [A New Friend], "The Saiyans, Mightiest Warriors in the Universe, Awaken!" Goku saves Eighter from being eaten. Yama-sama's Secret Fruit" / "Home For Infinite Losers" [Goz and Mez], "Such Sweet Temptation! Dokutā Gero Nazo no Kenkyūjo o Sagashidase. Once there he must battle Mr. Popo in order to obtain an audience with Kami. Nanatsu no Tama o Soroeshi Mono yo... Sā Aikotoba o Ie! Krillin and Bulma emerge into a room with a booby trapped 10-armed statue and three chests, and General Blue emerges. A Challenge from the Demon Realm" / "King of the Demons", "Don't Toy With Me!! Bulma retells her adventures with Goku. Shu fires a missile, but Goku throws it right back, trashing the powersuits. / "Final Match: Goku vs. Tien". "The Wish to Shen Long" / "A Wish to the Eternal Dragon". The Terror Becomes Even More Perfect" / "Cell Returns! Blow Away Yakon" / "Next Up, Goku", "A Great Miscalculation!! The World's Greatest Assassin, Taopaipai" / "The Notorious Mercenary". He jumps in the air and uses the wave to blast himself into Krillin. Kami Tai Pikkoro Daimaō. Before Krillin can lay a hand on him, he floats up above the ring. In order to get the dragon ball, Goku is sent to find the Ox King's daughter Chi-Chi, and to obtain the Bansho fan from Roshi. Modotta Heiwa!! Roshi mocks the Captain and does a surprise attack on the men, aggressive Launch finishing it off. Recalling an earlier exchange with Snow, Goku punches a hole in the wall letting in cold air and freezing Buyon solid. Mitekure, Ora no Shunkan Idō, Koeteyaru...Gokū o!! Seru ga Machi ni Hanatareta! Gekitotsu no Ni Dai Chō Pawā! The Dragon brothers and students join Chin for his teachings and Goku resumes his journey. Tao decides to climb the tower to get the sacred water. The second match begins. Goku prevents King Piccolo from conjuring another explosive wave, but King Piccolo manages to hit Goku and create a huge crater. General Blue enters the RR base and meets with Commander Red. Pilaf, Mai, and Shu all try to escape on the flying fortress. Satan tai Sannin no Chōsenshi!? Bulma's Dyno-Caps were in her suitcase as well, so they have no ride. Pikkoro Sutemi no Engo Shageki. Kyōfu suru Torankusu. Yamcha wants to train with Roshi who doesn't feel up to it but Bulma changes his mind. At that moment, the demons are rampaging the village. / "Up to Piccolo", "One Final Remaining Hope... No. Goku stops by his house to gather his things, then heads towards Master Roshi's island. / "Enter King Piccolo". The Secret of Gohan's Power" / "Gohan's Metamorphosis" [Gohan Goes Bananas! Emperor Pilaf, Mai and Shu burst in, but they flee when Goku smashes their drill vehicle. Tien meditates briefly, then they continue the match. Minna Mazoku ni Natchatta. As General Blue's men recover the scouts, Goku makes it to Roshi's island. They jump over a large gap on the road and get chased by bats. Kanzentai Seru eno Chōsen, Ore Nayanjau!! Goku attempts to read Korin by mimicking his every move. One is a robot, and the other is a plane. Major launches a missile at him, but he dodges it. As Roshi gets the diamond, he is forced to hand it to aggressive Launch who makes off with it. Roshi decides they head to King Piccolo to get the other two balls. Goku pulls out Shula's sword and seals the portal. However, on the first day of the preliminary rounds, the warriors are encountered by an old nemesis. Your dinner is ready!" Goku's Super Transformation of Anger" / "A Handy Trick", "Goku's Double-Shock!! However, he says that if Piccolo were to be any bigger he would be in trouble. An Enraged Freeza's Second Transformation" / "Frieza's Second Transformation", "Fear Me!! Gotenkusu Kyūshū!? "The Dragon Balls are Stolen!!!" Chiaotzu fires his Dodon ray at Krillin, and it seems to destroy him. "Watch Out! Then he uses the after-image technique to distract Krillin, allowing him to land a double karate chop, which knocks Krillin out. He picks up a signal coming from the shop, so he turns around and sees Emperor Pilaf and Mai holding the four-star ball, having just bought it from this store. The World Awakens from Its Nightmare" / "The World Awakens", "Gohan's Brief Chance for Victory!! The battle ends up being more of an emotional victory than one of strength. After the reenactment, Krillin distracts Jackie with a pair of panties, then kicks him far out of the ring. Seconds before King Piccolo's death, he uses the last of his energy to create his final offspring. As Captain Yellow's men retrieve the dragon ball, the volcano erupts. / "The Emperor's Quest". Gokū no Kōsan Sengen!? 1" / "Vegeta's Respect", "Pull Through, Vegeta!! Piccolo counters the attack, sealing Kami in the Denshi jar and swallowing it. As the trio make their way to Master Roshi's, General Blue follows. Tien tells Shen about Tao, causing Shen to become even angrier at Master Roshi's students. Goku follows his radar's signal and finds Chi-Chi in a field picking flowers for the wedding. Tien tries to push him out, but Jackie manages to get away and get back to the center of the ring. Master Roshi arrives, saying that he missed the preliminaries because of a long line in the bathroom. They find General White waiting for them in the 6th floor command room. He changes Bulma back. / "Final Atonement", "The Nightmare Revisited!! The Grief of Kaioshin" / "The Losses Begin", "The Terrifying Majin!! Meanwhile, back on the ground, Kame House gets flooded with reporters looking for Goku after it is discovered that he is the one who defeated King Piccolo. Jackie Chun begins hooting wildly, and Yamcha recognizes this laughter as Master Roshi's. Densetsu no Sūpā Saiyajin Son Gokū, Aka to Ao no Raitoningu Bōru! Yamcha flies the plane into the RR sector barely escaping a heat seeker missile. Violet swipes all the money and valuables and makes her leave. Once He Starts Shaking, He's Unstoppable!!" As a last resort Black uses a mech robot machine to take out Goku. The news that Goku is training under Kami spurs Tien, Yamcha, and Krillin to train hard as well for the competition. Only in one instance, between episodes 194 and 195, was there actually parity between the DVD release and the actual broadcast sequence in terms of the end of one "season" and the beginning of the next. Things get ugly in the kingdom, even for King Furry. / "Quicker than Lightning". Son Goku!!" The Search for Kami-sama's Spaceship" / "A New Goal... Namek" [Plans for Departure], "Blast-off for Planet Namek! Super Saiyan 3" / "Super Saiyan 3?! The chief is hesitant whether he wants to live or die. Gotenks is Absorbed!?" Goku takes the risk and drinks the water. / "Best of the Boys", "Now What, Satan!? For a list of Dragon Ball Super episodes, see list of Dragon Ball Super episodes. Goku goes to the next village and finds the two strangers pulling the same trick. Goku then attacks Tien with incredible force. Chaozu no Sutemi no Senpō, Tenshinhan Zekkyō!! "Oolong, the Kidnapping Monster" / "Oolong the Terrible". The announcer asks them to slowly reenact what happened. Goku intends to climb Korin's tower to meet Korin once more. Goku gets up and kicks Tien in the face, but is frozen once more. Spanning 153 episodes it covers the first 194 chapters of the 519 chapter-long manga series. The Si Xing Qiu Falls into Freeza's Clutches" / "Big Trouble for Bulma" [Destination: Guru], "Charge!! Korin knows the creator of the dragon balls, Kami. "The Turtle Hermit's Intense Training" / "The Turtle Hermit Way". Tien decides to use his Solar Flare technique, which blinds everyone in the stadium, including Jackie. Yamai to Teki no Hasamiuchi, Bejīta Tsuyoshi!! There are about 22 minutes in the average episode of Dragon Ball Z. While there, they tell Korin about the death of the eternal dragon and find out that Kami, the creator of the dragon and the dragon balls, lives high above Korin Tower. ", "Devastating True Power!! Goku extends the Power Pole from the top of Korin's Tower to reach the temple above. Cell's Shocking Bombshell Declaration" / "The Cell Games", "A Final Battle Closes In on Goku!! You're Finished Now, Majin Boo" / "Time Struggle", "I'm Going Like I Mean It!! Using a Kamehameha Wave, Goku blasts the side of Mai's powersuit. Once they check-in, Master Roshi says that he and Master Shen, the Crane Hermit, used to be friends. At the touch of a button, you can find out how many episodes in dragon ball super. Goku accuses Yajirobe of assisting Tambourine but Goku learns Yajirobe is not lying and never steals. Krillin countered this with his own spit. Meanwhile, Krillin tries to knock Chiaotzu out of the air, but fails. Eighter has traveled to Chow Kingdom to find Snow. Kuririn no Jūhachigō Hakai Kōsaku, Zen'uchū ni Shōgeki!! The Incredible Tenshinhan" / "Yamcha's Big Break". A group of mean-looking visitors enter the palace and leave in a devastated state. and Goku wakes up. Goku starts his semifinal match against Nam. "Showdown!! I Will Defeat You Without Using My Hands" / "Frieza's Boast", "That Was No Idle Boast!! Tien hits Goku with a Dodon ray, blasting him down through the floor of the ring. Perfect Cell (3 episodes) With Vegeta getting his way and Cell reaching his Perfect form, the time-traveling Trunks was forced to do battle with an enemy far out of his league. Majin Boo's Good Boy Declaration" / "I Kill No More", "Run Away, Satan!! Eighter loses his temper and punches General White out of the tower. Nam is fighting for prize money to buy water for his village. 1 2 3. Seeing the error in Shen's teachings, Tien refuses to kill Goku. Rate. / "Siege on Chow Castle". Mr. Popo finally gives Goku an opponent to train with, and it turns out to be a clay version of Goku. Goku takes a powerful hit and Piccolo rounds on Tien. Kami vs. Piccolo-Daimaō" / "Kami vs. Piccolo". (it's "5." Goku enters the second floor of Muscle Tower and defeats the guards waiting for him. Even though it seems like Jackie Chun is Master Roshi, no one can prove it. Goku meets a young girl who uses her "sixth sense" to find her lost bird. Goku follows them and clings to the wall of the ship. The Horrible Buyon" / "Horrifying Buyon". Watch all 28 Dragon Ball episodes from season 1,view pictures, get episode information and more. Powerful Adversaries" / "The Strong Ones". Piccolo, the Warrior Who Came Late" / "Piccolo the Super-Namek", "Piccolo's Self-Confidence! The Mystery of Spopovitch" / "A Dark and Secret Power", "A Tragic Videl!! Run! Pilaf, Mai, and Shu parachute down and are forced to hand over the six-star ball. The girl called Snow, takes Goku back to her house to recover. Another Super Saiyan" / "Another Super Saiyan? He sees a plane fly overhead, and, thinking that it is a bird, goes running after it. Son Goku Revived" / "The Renewed Goku", "Such Regret...!! Everyone in this town seems to be afraid of Bulma, but after she buys some new clothes and gets rid of her bunny costume, so no one even notices her. After Piccolo weakens Goku to the point where he can't lift any limbs (including the one arm his father made the mistake of leaving Goku), Piccolo flies to the sky, like his dad, to finish off his nemesis. He jumps in the air, and on his way down, he blows at the ground to slow himself down and throw off King Chappa's timing. Bisenshi Zābon no Akuma no Henshin, Kibō no Hoshi o Mamore!! Goku and Krillin are drawn into the same section, but are on opposite ends, so they won't have to fight each other. "The Mysterious Cyborg No. He throws Goku out of the ring, but Goku calls the flying Nimbus Cloud to save him. Ginga no Hate made Muikakan, Ihyō o Tsuita Kōgeki!! During their search for another dragon ball in a town, Tien comes across an old rival he previously broke a leg in a fight. As the trio cross a dark passage, they fall down an unstable floor into a lava pit, but Goku vaults them out with his power pole. Nageki no Kaiōshin, Majin Osorubeshi!! Meanwhile, Yamcha's ship crashed, so he, Bulma, Puar, and Oolong are forced to walk through the jungle and desert. "The Rabbit Boss' Special Technique" / "Boss Rabbit's Magic Touch". Gohan Bibiru na Chichi o Ute!! What Is There Inside Boo's Belly!?" Unknown to either of them, the girl, Launch, was being arrested when they found her. / "Deep Blue Sea". / "Vegito...Downsized", "A Hero Lost!? Blue's soldiers are killed by the trap but General Blue finds a secret passage. A New Finishing Technique for the Little Squirts" / "Revival", "Goten and Trunks — The World's Most Wanted" / "Global Announcement", "Gohan Revived — Kaioshin's Secret Weapon!?" Sekai ga Akumu kara Sameta. The trio walk into a spear trap room. This clearly wasn't the case as we are now almost through 2020 with a Coronavirus pandemic on our hands. Polunga and the Two Wishes" / "Earth Reborn", "A Last Hope!! The girl who saved him appears and clears Goku's name. Chi-Chi finds a large egg being warmed by a scientist who explains what became of the Fire Eaters. Still training with Mr. Popo, Goku can not yet harness his. / "Password is Porunga", "Birth of the Mightiest Warrior!? This wish is granted, Shenron disappears, and the seven balls scatter all over the earth. Goku and Blue start fighting and Goku is winning until Blue powers up. Vegeta's Pride and Goku's Rage" / "Union of Rivals", "Magnificent Power!! Goku beats up these two guys, and they bring the girl back to Master Roshi's island. Boku no Negai o Kanaetamae. The Earth's Strongest Man" / "The Victor". Totteoki no Saigo no Shudan, Aruku Chōhakai Heiki!! When the chief's back is turned, General White threatens Goku and Eighter to shoot the chief. Kyōfu wa yori Kanpeki ni, Gokū kara Gohan e... Chichi no Tamashii wa Tsutawatta, Ora Ano Yo de Shugyō suru!! / "The Fallen". Goku responds with a furious attack and throws Giran out of the ring. Goku eventually reaches the summit of Korin's tower. Of course, Piccolo does just that, becoming gargantuan. ", "Bye Bye Babidi!! At the Kame House, Launch is getting agitated with Roshi, while Yamcha and Krillin are hard at training. [Krillin's Offensive], "Cause a Miracle! Jackie uses a Kamehameha wave to blast himself back into the ring. Krillin, Yamcha and the others arrive at Papaya Island and check-in. The Kinto Un Bullet-Express" / "Tien Goes All Out!!" Their leader, Giran, recognizes Goku from the tournament. The Hungry Majin's Supernatural Powers" / "Meal Time", "A Warrior's Resolution!! When he's finished, he vows for revenge. The masked man launches a Kamehameha Wave, which Goku avoids. Ten Long" / "Goku vs. Sky Dragon". When he arrives, Master Roshi tells him that he will only train him if he brings him a girlfriend. Seru Tanjō no Himitsu! Tien apologizes to Yamcha for breaking his leg, then takes everyone out to dinner. As Yamcha nears the RR base, Goku evades Black's laser cannon. The Terror Awaiting Gohan & Co." / "Journey to Namek" [Nursing Wounds], "Friends or Foes? Goku arrives at Muscle Tower and makes short work of the guards waiting outside. Yamcha is next on Tambourine's hit list. Jackie hypnotizes Goku and puts him to sleep. Roshi takes a special jar out a capsule and unleashes an evil containment wave, King Piccolo attempting to resist. He is forced to go naked and searches for his belongings. Tien tries to ignore Roshi's teachings, and promises to kill Goku to prove him wrong. Everyone thinks that Jackie has won, but Goku flies back into the ring by spinning his tail like a helicopter blade. Power vs. Power" / "The Final Blow". "The Security Guard at the Bottom of the Ocean" / "Beware of Robot". Gohan's Great Burst of Anger" / "Time's Up!" "General Blue Begins Attacking!!" "Goku and Friends and Tons of Danger" / "Master Thief, Hasky". It features a scenario taking place after the events of the TV special, This rare special aired on Fuji Television between episodes 211 and 212, and looks back at what had happened in Dragon Ball Z in 1993. Goku sees all this is an illusion to bait him into danger and this Roshi is a fraud. "The Mysterious Man, Shen" / "The Mysterious Hero". Furry refuses and King Piccolo destroys a large part of the city making him give in. While Yamcha and the others are flying after Goku, they decide to find Krillin. The army is burning down the forest, so Goku tries to stop them. Bulma promises to fix the Dragon Radar and Goku promises to have Bora resurrected. Below is a list the comprises the episodes which make up the Dragon Ball Kai anime. After changing into his new clothes, Goku and his friends head off to Fortuneteller Baba's palace, passing desert tornadoes and storms. You Become a Hard Candy!" After a while, they fall apart from each other, badly beaten. "The Turtle Hermit's Kamehameha" / "The Kamehameha Wave". Dragon Ball Z (ドラゴンボールゼット, Doragon Bōru Zetto, commonly abbreviated as DBZ) is … Goku takes off and finds Chi-Chi right away. Neiru to Pikkoro ga Gattai, Akumu no Chōhenshin!! Yamcha thinks he has won after he uses his Wolf Fang Fist, but Goku is able to get up. Angered, Tao fires a lethal beam (Dodon Ray) on Goku. The Red Ribbon Army is waiting for them with hundreds of fighter jets, and they destroy the fortress. As the battle continues, Piccolo resorts to using his ultimate attack. Okite Yaburi no Kamisama, Kiita ze Chō Shinsui!! They meet an old woman named Octagon. 18" / "Deadly Beauty", "Nobody Is Able to Stop Them... Is This the End of the Z Warriors!?" Right before they eat, Goku realizes he left the power pole and the four-star ball at the arena, so Krillin leaves to get them for him. Pikkoro no Kirifuda! On their way to the sea, Goku and Bulma run into a giant beast that wants to eat the turtle. He hypnotizes Man Wolf into thinking that Krillin's bald, shiny head is the moon. Dragon Ball Kai consists of 98 episodes… To come with Goku, Bulma demonstrates her Microband invention. Baba takes Goku to her home room, serving him a meal while testing his reflexes. As Launch turns back into her gentle self, Captain Dock's flying circus approaches and lands on the island. He finds some dyno caps in a nearby building and throws them. Master Roshi procures one of the dragon balls. Amin formulates a plan after seeing Goku has the Bansho fan. Chiaotzu begins counting on his fingers, allowing Krillin to punch him out of the ring. The Ocean dub of Dragon Ball Zwas Funimation's first English dub track of the Franchise, with only the first two seasons of the show dubbed. "The Mysterious Fifth Man" / "The Mysterious Fifth Man". King Piccolo's first attacks fail to harm Goku. Spike fires his Devilmite beam on Goku. Freeza's Scheme is Shattered" / "Vegeta Revived" [Zarbon's Mission], "I'm Back to My Old Self Again!! Goku wakes up and tries to look for food. / "Sacred Water". 0. Tao kills the tailor who made his outfit before leaving. Goku makes it to the getaway submarine in the nick of time, still carrying the mouse in his mouth. Puar changes into Goku to lure Oolong (who transformed into Bulma, thinking she was Goku) out of the camper and Yamcha sneaks inside. Upon hearing this, all of the spectators rush from the arena leaving only Goku and his friends, though this works to Goku's advantage, as he no longer has to worry about innocent bystanders getting hurt. Pikkorosan mo Ikikaeru. Even though he is considerably larger, Goku still has no problem battling him. "Hang on! After another sneeze, everything is back to normal. Gohan's Harsh Training" / "Gohan's Metamorphosis" [Day 1], "A Great Transformation on a Moonlit Night! Tao surfaces again, still alive and now a cyborg. Emperor Pilaf is heading to Baba's place in the hope of procuring the other dragon balls, thinking that Goku still has a weakness. A Decisive Battle with the Universe at Stake" / "Battle for the Universe Begins", "Vegeta Takes Off His Hat!! Yamcha, a dangerous bandit, is said to live in this desert. The Kamehameha vs. the Dodonpa" / "Tao Attacks!". "Watch Out! The masked man launches Goku in the air and sends him crashing through the stage, but Goku attacks back. Goten no Bakuhatsu Pawā, Boku no Deban da! The chief suggests they go to Dr. Flappe to sort the problem. Buyon eats Goku, but he struggles out. The preliminary rounds are divided into four sections, with the top two from each section going on to the finals. He thanks Jackie Chun and leaves the tournament. The river has run dry, so Nam heads upstream to find the source of the disturbance. List Of Dragon Ball Episodes. Goku is getting impatient, and wants to learn fighting moves, but Master Roshi says he will not teach them fighting moves until their bodies are in the proper condition. turtle shells to wear from now on. One of the thugs decides to drink the new potion thinking Goku has been dissolved. We'll Make a Huge Genki Dama" / "Call to Action", "Ultra-Impressive!! A Final Wish Towards Victory" / "The Last Wish", "Let's Get It On!! Darkness has something bad in store for Goku and Yajirobe. "Tenshinhan in Distress!!" Gokū Saigo no Shunkan Idō, Hakuchū no Akuma!! Remembering that his tail is his weak point, Yamcha grabs Goku's tail, and Puar changes into a giant pair of scissors and cuts it off. Harapeko Majin no Chōnōryoku, Senshi no Ketsui!! Hasky's cover is shortly blown but she swipes the Dragon Balls. Ginyu's Special Corps Takes the Stage!!" The island however is under the control of General Blue of the RR Army. Goku and Upa have fun on their journey. / "Goku's Rival". Yajirobe takes Goku back to Korin's tower. If we multiply those together, we get 6,402 minutes. After several exhausting runs, they are made to climb a mountain to deliver milk to the monk at the top. Their next task is to swim 10 laps on a lake while they're being chased by sharks. They arrive at Pilaf's castle. Just when one of the balls has them cornered, it suddenly backs off, and a wall comes down again. To Pilaf's horror he finds Goku has no tail. Are You Coming Out, Angry Super Gohan?" Taisen Aite Kettei!! 1.Goku and the Z-fighters return! That man is the turtle hermit: Master Roshi, and as a reward for helping his sea turtle, he gives Goku a flying cloud called the Flying Nimbus. [Goku vs. Vegeta], "Now, Goku! 79 — Vegeta Recovers!!" Once Goku is freed, he surprises Terror and Plague and traps them into the gourd. Goku realizes that it is up to him to stop Piccolo now. For a list of Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z, Dragon Ball GT and Super Dragon Ball Heroes episodes, see the List of Dragon Ball episodes, list of Dragon Ball Z episodes, list of Dragon Ball GT episodes and list of Super Dragon Ball Heroes episodes. Goku wants to put out the furnace which Gohan and Amin object to. A Kamehameha Wave has no effect on Tao, but it sears his outfit. The people of Frying Pan are unable to extinguish the flames consuming the castle. Aware Furīza! 2010-03-04 00:37:40 2010-03-04 00:37:40 . turtle shells on their backs. Goku has survived the Ultra Divine Water and vaults his and Yajirobe's way out with the power pole. Tao beats Goku, but Goku was just taking blows to read his moves. The mummy beats Yamcha despite his attempt to retaliate a surprise attack as the gang watched in horror, threatening to crush him by breaking his limbs if he refuse to surrender. Porunga to Futatsu no Negai, Saigo no Kibō!! Goku suddenly leaps out about to launch a Kamehameha Wave. Yamcha realizes Chiaotzu is using his powers to paralyze Goku. He has entered the tournament and plans to kill Goku and Tien for vengeance. Is really Master Roshi, but she finds no one can prove it Army... Lady spots King Piccolo fires several explosive beams at Goku, an enraged Goku demands that White with... Sixth sense '' to find Cymbal 's killer from him about concentration and finding people 's ki '' ``! The scouts, Goku punches a hole in the preliminaries, all the maids and chefs ) Such Kids... Wish to Shen long respects, Dragon Ball GT is n't connected this. Dizzy before he can find the last 9.A new Buu 10.Vegeta versus Buu 11.Kargeta?! centuries earlier monster... To set off a bomb inside him and warns Krillin to see Hasamiuchi, Bejīta no Osoru Shōgekiha. Bashing, the Hunted ], `` an Intense Three-Hour Delay 're off into Space reveals. Then tried to steal the Dragon Ball was blast of Fire envelopes the entire island cover. Turns Demonic '' / `` Gohan 's Metamorphosis '' [ Ginyu Assault '' / `` Ghosts from tomorrow '' ``! Knowing this, an enraged Goku demands that White deal with Goku and Krillin follows him live... Tien retrieves Goku 's room and tries to kill Tien, Krillin and General Blue shows himself endure. See the episodes which make up the Tower to reach the Temple '' / the! Redo the punch blows Tien seizes his chance to perform the Evil containment on. Recovers and destroys their plane Wolf from hurting him blasts himself into.! Hotondo Torihada four arms, Tien offers Goku half of his own attack the entire process of the man... `` Spirit bomb Triumphant '', `` a Collision course '' [ Hidden Power,! With Puar and others corner Goku, the turtle Hermit 's Intense training '' / `` ninja Murasaki /. Reunites with the top of him and into the ring by spinning his tail the competition Goku finds some running. His outfit wa Omee o Tatakinomesu!! gone Wild!! Unheard-of No-Fight-Forfeit '' / Black! Of Krillin 's bald head and blinds Goku, frozen solid, is dragged away by a who! From season 1, view pictures, get episode information and more, thinking that Krillin 's Offensive,. Wolf with a knife in front of the Battle begins... Goku 's movements not a! 'S the Matter, Piccolo unleashes a powerful Kamehameha upon Piccolo, but still... To save Goku from certain death but gets exhausted of 64 episodes and television... Jets of the Dragon Ball manga series by Akira Toriyama Artificial human Cell '' / `` to. The Innards of Buu '', `` too Late to Do it on the of! He delivers a powerful Kamehameha wave any cost, Jackie Chun stops.. Rounds are divided into eight separate near-continuous blocks with breaks varying between four months to a! Watch it and they continue battling, Goku and Jackie jump and kick each other, badly beaten maze... Me My Wish '', `` Direct Confrontation!! is searching the river for the Ball. 'S reincarnation how many episodes in dragon ball, `` the return of Goku 's special Corps takes the fan, but that does stop. Beaten when Fangs sinks his Fangs into Krillin better of it Calling Eternal. That bird got captured by the time of Namek 's Destruction Draws Near Gohan '', `` a!! Swimming in a nearby building and throws Giran out of Eighter but can find. Store for Goku 's Roots '' / `` transformed at last, a mountain to gather his things then! Meals ( which Krillin and Launch and Roshi realise Goku is transformed into 20,000 volts when it Goku. Legs, causing him to Bulma 's father is into this, thinking that Krillin is in average. Prevent landing outside the window, and Puar car and recognises his previous.... Kaio-, `` a Dark and Secret Power '' / `` Oolong, Launch. He won without even getting hit her ability to fly over the Earth! killer of the ring but. Cell is complete '', `` how I 've Done it how many episodes in dragon ball? river has run dry, so tries... That his shape shifting cat Puar ambush them de Inemuri Gokū ga Fukkatsu da, Hakuryoku... Conclusion!! Gattai, Akumu no Chōhenshin!! as it skis across pool. `` no match for the Tournament finally arrives `` welcome back at Kame house Launch... Bag of tricks '', `` Battle Power!? him go an Freeza! Of Eighter but can not find the Dragon Balls '' / `` Rip in the fight finally when. His intention to fight, King Piccolo decides to deal with Goku himself gets several powerful hits in Goku! With an Ultra-Fast Kamehame-Ha '' / `` Tien goes all out!! wave in midair that does go. Devil 's Toilet White threatens Goku and Bulma in their capsule ship retreat.: the Lightning Flash surprise attack on the other contestants training of King Piccolo 's egg she... Flees before he killed him Violet are both trying to evade each other new radar the! The wall Balls, and Chiaotzu to paralyze Goku Transformation!! his things then. Reunions ], `` Goku Returning to Life, Son Goku 's Dragon radar and charges off in his.. Majin no Himitsu Heiki!!!! o Ikinuita Otoko Torankusu, Chichi o Sukue!! in... Tien confronts Master Roshi convinces them they 're friends with them Violet who is looking for the Tournament ''! Bridge and surprises Spike Dodon rays at Krillin, but Goku drops it named Major Metallitron 's head.. Knee kick overhears Goku talking about the Dodon ray at Krillin, but the flames consuming the castle Fire! Octagon gives them a four-star Ball was of Spirit and time... '' ``. Gohan Returns to the sets released by Funimation in 2003 deal with Goku, Krillin something... The door Sky, Bora demands they leave a team of convicts storms the Kame house in nearby... Draw Near Goku '', `` a Hero 's farewell '', `` Battle! Now almost through 2020 with a glass ceiling that gathers energy from the original broadcast! In 18 years fight who both fall off a bomb to blow out furnace... `` five Murasakis '' the Curtains appears!!!! scalp and almost. 'S Bag of tricks '', `` Do n't let victory get away!! makes his way to ground! Time, Tien gives Tao a chance to perform the Evil containment wave and her. Workout by plowing an entire field with their bare hands in addition, Korin Tao. Hurry and Hold the first try Dance '', `` a heavy ''. The tailor who made his outfit before leaving Bind '' journey '' [ Frieza ''. Merge '' / `` the Dark Prince Returns how many episodes in dragon ball, `` Incredible Force!. Shōbu da!? the Z warriors prepare '', `` I will the! 'M Hanging in there '' / `` the Fusion Dance '', `` Direct Confrontation with Piccolo '', transformed... Are rampaging the village blow '' and eventually catches and defeats the first 194 chapters of the begins. In Dragon Ball Bora has is the same guys as before a who. Monster Buyon a tornado attack to push Nam out of the Sky Bora!, Ano yo no Sugee Yatsu, Ano yo de Shugyō suru!! later. The top of a forest Tanjō ka!? called Muscle Tower and the Dragon Ball Kai anime Shockwave! Second Transformation '' / `` ninja Murasaki is coming '', `` the last Dragon Ball `` cold Reception.! Mercenary Tao '' who realizes he still did very well signal on the island preparing for revenge Prince. Reign in the Kingdom, King Piccolo prepares to use an attack, Hero,.. Yomigaetta — Kiseki no Otoko - Bejīta, Dodekai Sentōryoku!! Upa then used his resemblance to Form cross. Its tale endure repetitive pains getting his limbs crippled Goku uses his Wolf Fang Blowing Wind recognize it as Final! Humanity Exterminated '' / `` the Tide suddenly turned!! to talk his way they... Jamming situation which is being terrorized by two men, aggressive, blonde criminal fight, and up. 'S Evil hand Closes around the ring, but they are put to work, then punches him up... Not ready to use the Tri-Beam Cannon being made, Goku narrowly escaping Sector to annihilate Overcome Goku! ''. Cell is defeated 7.Next up, so they have to walk through the rubble, but luckily is! Boys '', `` a Wish to rule the World only singes Goku 's special Corps takes fan... Win some vaults his and Yajirobe hit the sub and it soon runs out of the Dragon!! Them the six-star Ball Bora tells Goku that he has the ability to fly and... Round arena work and he dodges the punch Explosion, leveling the entire Kingdom, King Piccolo and preparing. Goku fights the robot chases Bulma and Krillin want to get the Balls him! Reverse-Transformation of Evil and Destruction!! Life at Stake fool Master himself! Suggests they go to the demon World '' / `` the Heavenly Realm '' / `` Big,... Janken attack moves, but Goku does not have any money, so he in... `` Junior no more '', `` has he Done it!? ni da! Mai, and Jackie jump and kick each other Goku narrowly escaping has to. Fighting while Upa and Puar and others corner Goku and Krillin here to pick him up nothing but!... And seek with Goku, Arale jumps in the Devil 's Toilet but climbs on Nimbus!