If the commercial version can deliver, my prediction is that this is most probably the Editor’s choice of next year in many reviews. Rottefella Super Tele bindings are the ideal solution for the backcountry/telemark fan seeking to save weight for light touring. Choose any GOOD fix length aluminum and had a powder basket. Also, I could do a list of similar problems for all bindings on the market, especially on their first year out. You can wait and see if dedicated shops like TelemarkDown.com or others will get some to sell or if there is going to be a distributor and so on. Came the NTN revolution and now, the Telemark Tribe need to have NTN boots and binding, right? This is the ski I patrol with, this is the skis I carve with, ski bumps, this is my day to day ski. The Voile HD is a 75mm telemark boot compatible touring mode system that is made of tempered (T6) aluminum. It's here... for whatever it's worth. $89.99 #2. Vice - 75mm Telemark Binding. They’re great bindings, but the NTN offers additional features that you really can’t get with a 75mm binding like step-in, like releasability and like a tech-fitting-style tour binding. The 75 mm Standard. You can also listen to the podcast episode on the binding here and also check out my first review of the binding here. Once you’re there, price doesn’t matter much. This is somewhat like comparing the prices of the leather boots to the plastic boots. The new Outlaw looks to be a great option with a true touring mode. The toe pieces hold the boot with a 75mm wide extension. Note to the readers: In this article, I will try to give you an honest, but subjective point view. I think 75mm will be around for a long time. Spring tension is easily adjusted on the hill with the a turn of a screw; One size fits all (NTN Boot Sole Lengths of 270 to 346mm, 75mm "Duckbill" Boot Sole Lengths of 280mm to 356mm) Bindings in the 75mm will continue to be popular for a number of years. Also available with Alpin Heel The power of a fighter jet with the grace of a ballerina, Bishop's precision engineering lets you soar with style. The amount of power you need to make your boot/binding/ski system perform correctly on several factors: 1 - Boot bellows flex: the stiffer the boot bellows the more effort is needed to flex the boot. Kai Fehske and Theresa Hardörfer are conducting this research and your input is crucial for the accuracy of the survey. February 16-17, Mont Comi host the OLDEST telemark festival in the province, celebrating it’s 30th anniversary. From the Rainey Super Loop to the 22 design Hammer Head all the way to NTN, the lack of power on the back ski was a problem of the past. Black Diamond R&D guru Doug Heinreich and ski product director Ryan Guess talk about the future of telemark equipment as well as their passion of the mountains. Arrives before Christmas. The NTN army is crushing the beloved 75mm tribe...or so everyone is saying. Plus it’s got low tech touring capacities. Try it and you'll love it! I will gladly help anybody get the information around all those festivals. The binding hold to the reputation it already have. This is my gear choice, that fits my need. However, the Rottefella design from the 1930s became more popular for Nordic skiing through the 1950s and into the 1970s until the Salomon Nordic System (SNS) binding entirely re-invented bindings used for Nordic skiing. I might also show you a few other setups I have that are different for that era, plus a surprise. In the last decade, Telemark became very popular. The major improvement came from Telemark boots being stiffer and more than anything else, binding feel became active. Like I said, It’s got to be a great movie or I’m going to be disapointed. Installing a safety net, removing snow under my kid’s boots, shovelling a protecting padding. It really is better than anything else I have tried. I also use an adjustable pole for touring and I adjust to different lengths to adapt to the terrain. Finally, Mont Edouard will host its festival March 8 to 10. There are now three telemark binding standards and you’ll need boots of the same standard. We stock 75mm and NTN bindings from all the big brands including 22 Designs, Rottefella, Voile, The M … Okay, it’s still a full frame binding, but it’s the best there is. Rottefella Super Telemark Cross-Country Nordic Bindings for 12-20mm Sole, Black, 75mm 4.3 out of 5 stars 4. It’s powerful yet you can adjust it the way you like, to get a more neutral feeling. But there is more than weight to a telemark binding. The NTN version is also a very good binding that delivers a lot of punch. This can really save energy during the day. And the terrain’s got nice trees, steep and raw terrain. Voile Telemark Binding, Telemark Skis, NTN Telemarking Equipment, Womens Telemark Boots, 3 Pin Bindings Indiana CROSS Country Ski Bindings, Nordic Treadmills, Mm Bicycle Spokes Suspension Travel 75, Suspension Forks 75 mm Suspension Travel, Skis with Bindings, Wakeboard Bindings NTN or 75mm "Duckbill" boot compatibility. First off, the 75mm is just a great option that skies. So far, I think Pierre has done an awesome job last season, solving problems as they came, but some promises like the option of a ski brake got delayed back to this season. So behold, let check this beatifull design and put it to test. My advice, do not look at the bindings systems, find a good boot for you. It is the Karhu Hardbody 203 cm mounted with Rottofella 412, a front-loading binding. Dr. med. I want to go back in time and see the advantages we might have lost along the way, or the benefits I get from the modern set ups we enjoy today. The M Equipment official provider and inventor of the Meidjo telemark bindings. At first I didn’t think that would be a big thing. Seb Mayer, a pro telemark skier from La Grave also tried the binding with the Crispi EVO boots and did not have that problem. I’m not a gear tester and I have not tried all the bindings on the market. It created a really active feeling very close to HamerHead #4. This is still the main problem whatever the system you use. Telemark bindings are one of the main pieces of any freeheel skiers kit. The fact that the Meidjo 2.0 comes with a brake really adds to the versatility of this binding. I’m amazed at how different each binding feels in terms of it’s performance. What follows below is an attempt to provide comparisons of all the relevant mounting patterns for telemark bindings. Thanks so much for the videos. Well, the Badassary Mojo is more than that, the BMF comes in an NTN or 75mm option. So far only a few boot models have that option but I think it’s only a matter of time before more and more boot manufacturers put inserts in their NTN boots. $89.99 #2. Tried and True. There you go Theresa… here is the link to the study https://www.soscisurvey.de/ski/?q=ET. Boots offered great comfort, movement, skis are very light compared to my Amperage and the Meidjo really delivered. There is an independent screw that adjusts the release tension and that’s better than the Rottefella NTN. So I went in the Chic Chocs backcountry for 3 days with some friends and tested the thing. ), and have enjoyed going bigger with the gear, but axls with pin up front is as far as this old school girl can go. If I had to describe a perfect Telemark binding, the M equipment would be pretty close, . I will play with the springs tension to see all the possibilities. Lastly, I called a few telemark-only ski shops before I made my final decision. Craig Dostie mentionned to me that it was the best fitting low tech he had seen on the market and he was right, It’s fairly easy to get it on. Last season I spent a very good amount of time on the Bishop BMF bindings. To do so, you have to do these steps, harm the binding up, push down and clip the touring hook. $389.95 ... in Telemark Ski Bindings. I use BD Boundary poles which will also fit my snow saw for cutting nice snow blocks for my avalanche assessment snow pits. It is never easy to choose from the wide range of offers. I’d like to point out a really great article by Craig Dostie where he talks about most bindings on the market with there specs and some grat info here. I had no pre release problem while skiing either on the toe piece or on the second heel, I did not fall either, so really, I did not test this part of the binding. Gift Ideas in Telemark Ski Bindings ‹ Any Department ‹ Sports & Outdoors ‹ … I have been skiing telemark for almose 30 years(! size are 95mm, 105mm and 120mm. New Rottefella NTN Freedom Telemark Binding -- Telemark Skier Magazine-Outdoor Retailer On Snow 2012 - Duration: 7:30. The range is set to 3 positions. TTS or Telemark Tech System was already on the market and a great option in my mind already. Thank you! If you want to receive an exclusive offer and see some free tutorials, subscribe to my newsletter just below. In telemark bindings, there are two different norms: NTN, standing for “New Telemark Norm” and 75mm. The Meidjo has a lot of the NTN advantages but with the 75mm norm feeling. The Bishop offers their binding in the R version (stand for Randonnee) or the 3 (for non-touring. And version 2.0 seems to have solved all those problems and more. 2. Keep it classic with the hallmark of telemark skiing. I did my first telemarkskiing "test" 4 weeks ago and it took me in right away! Plus, when you think about it, this 75mm binding is the holy grail of 75mm binding. and of he went to La Meije to try the M Equipment prototype (see the original review here, use Google Translate if you don’t understand French). We need a truly worldwide research. More recent data should be available soon and you can participate to survey here. Now that’s a triple combo hard to beat. The beauty of a 75mm telemark boot/binding system is how instrumental that simple duckbill is in creating a smooth, sweet flexing boot for weighting your rear foot in a telemark turn. The Voilé Hardware 3-Pin Telemark Binding is a unique mix of time-honored, Nordic functionality and modern, made-in-Utah performance. The original TTS seems like a great option, I never got the chance to try them. This is binding as all the ingredient to become the next big thing in Telemark. What I’m good at thought is being out in the mountains and telemark skiing. The bindings measure 7 x 5 x 4 inches, weigh 1.1 pounds and are available in one color/one size. The NTN norm, new norm that binds from beneath the foot which brings a better control of the ski and more precision. It’s not at all a mellow soft playful ski that you can push around. Features 75mm width fits modern telemark boots and heavy-duty 3 … This is a short ski for me, but it should edge and carve very well. For the 2010 to today setups are all NTN based setup. ", Copyright © 2020 | 22 Designs | All Rights Reserved. What a surprise Frank had. Optimize your bindings for your skiing style and snow conditions. Rottefella Super Tele bindings are the ideal solution for the backcountry/telemark fan seeking to save weight for light touring. You have to admire such dedication for our sport. I also have the Rossignol Big Bang, mounted on the Rainey SuperLoop binding. I’m no used to low tech and getting in and out, I expected it to be hard. A prototype is starting to hit the French Alps, The M Equipment (www.the-m-equipment.com) as just release this prototype. Tested. I have the chance to test the Bishop line of skis and binding for this season. Frank was impressed by the feeling, very close to the NTN, coupled with the touring capacities of a Tech binding. The way the low tech alignment pins guide your boot’s insert, the way the little (flimsy looking but never failed) hook holds your binding in the touring mode all make this binding in a category of it’s own. Thanks Rene! If you agree with me thus far, you have to be excited for what is to come for our sport. He describes the binding as a very good prototype, very close to the final version. A few hours drive north of the US border, Quebec’s province as got really cool telemark festivals. Voilé Switchback 2 Standard Black, a telemark binding with a foolproof, free-pivot option that greatly facilitates climbing. This is just an example. I even avoided gondola because I didn’t like to get on and off my skis. Dynafit crampons compatibility also adds to this binding versatility. I also chose the Helio 105 from Black Diamond mounted with the 22designs Lynx. It feels right, it skis great with enough power and feeling. Everybody so far liked the skiing so I was not so worried. The Meidjo brings a release system but it’s not perfect. Then came higher priced bindings with active feeling and free pivots like the O1, the Axl. For the 2000 setup, I have found the Karhu Kodiak, mounted on the 22designs Hammerhead. The second wire one was ok. Maybe I still need to read instructions…. Outdoor Gear Exchange is your one stop shop for everything telemark related. In fact, MoonLight already have it for sale. Variety of Designs. For me, this was by far the part that interested me the most. This is really great because if you don’t need the touring option, you can save some money and weight and get a traditional binding. Even with NTN though, nothing is certified but examples testify it works. The Voile HD is a 75mm telemark boot compatible touring mode system that is made of tempered (T6) aluminum. Wow again. Instant pressure during a telemark turn facilitates greater control and carving performance while improving skier balance. Still, the best way to save your knees is your behaviour as a skier and luck. The 75mm design is the original model for telemark bindings, and is based on a wedge shaped binding toe piece which holds a boot with a 75mm wide, angled toe extension, aka the duck bill. Thank you for putting this together. ", "The Axl locks down into ski mode and provides the strongest and hardest charging telemark binding on the market. So I would give the Meidjo a strong 10/10 for skiing. From Italy +C $59.29 shipping. And that’s one thing I really like about the Black Diamond O1 or O2 series. The beauty of a 75mm telemark boot/binding system is how instrumental that simple duckbill is in creating a smooth, sweet flexing boot for weighting your rear foot in a telemark turn. Oh, and I haven’t changed bindings every 8 years so I think this is a very important decision…. Time will now tell if it holds up and until then, for me there’s just no point in going back to another system. If you were to change from 75mm to NTN in the years to come, you can send the binding back to Bishop and they will modify it for you at a reasonable cost. Two spring-loaded climbing bails at approximately 7.5. Cable bindings remained in use for some time for cross-country, and are today popular for telemark skiing. Telemark Bindings: OMG Telemark Tech = 905 g / pair Meidjo = 840 g / pair Lynx = 1000 g / pair Non-“race” AT bindings: G3 Zed = 690 g / pair G3 Ion = 1170 g / pair Fritschi Vipec = 1150 g / pair Dynafit TLT Speed Radical = 730 g / pair Not much difference in weight between the pin-based telemark bindings and popular AT bindings. $259.95. 22 Designs Axl Telemark Binding (Large) 5.0 out of 5 stars 6. No wonder the DIN talk is so polarized. It did not feel like a NTN binding but it’s neither anything like the mellow 75mm binding Black diamond O1 or Voile. Not so long ago, G3 led the market with its legendary Targa binding. The BMF series of bindings will work with 75mm or NTN boots thanks to swappable toe plates for either norm. Coming back after a season ending injury last January (fractured distal tibia) even walking down stairs hasn't felt natural. Here A small mountain with a nice head-wall, the size and the quality of the snow is just perfect to create the ambiance that makes this stop a classic. Telemark skiing has evolved so much and I’ve kept updating my gear all along. They are light, the touring mode is just phenomenal and they ski really great. In the telemark subculture, it plays a central role. Other assets, these bindings release sideways and all provide a touring mode. These bindings are well loved in my gang of aging tele rangers because we don't have to fight the binding to … The only odd were the boots. This is completely the opposite. I want to point out that there is two dials to adjust tension and that you have the choice to add a second spring on each side for more tension. The identity of the binding as a hole is maintained. Purchase your telemark equipment on Telemark Shop, the number one Telemarket online store. I didn’t think this could be. Telemark in powder. The Meidjo 2.0 will have the option of adding a heel piece (the rear part of a tech binding, see photo a the top of the page). It’s the one piece of equipment that define our sport. This option will available soon and so I will put a break on my resort skis. When NTN came around, not only the binding cost a few pennies more, you had to change your boots as well. A one year manufacturer’s warranty is provided. $389.95 ... in Telemark Ski Bindings. TTS promised that same efficiency with a simple design. ISPO GOLD Award EDITORS’ Choice BACKCOUNTRY Mag. Discover now our comparison of the best Telemark Ski Bindings. here’s the website but it’s is only in French: Be sure that the organizers of these events and their staff, like any place in the province most likely speak English. Coming from the very Burly Bishop Bomber was truly a very reliable, biffy binding. Low-tech: I saw all my AT friends just effortlessly climbing up the skin track with there low-tech bindings and light boots and while I was left hustling up the mountain. Telemark Bindings: OMG Telemark Tech = 905 g / pair Meidjo = 840 g / pair Lynx = 1000 g / pair Non-“race” AT bindings: G3 Zed = 690 g / pair G3 Ion = 1170 g / pair Fritschi Vipec = 1150 g / pair Dynafit TLT Speed Radical = 730 g / pair Not much difference in weight between the pin-based telemark bindings and popular AT bindings. I like to have the binding in the touing mode to put it on, so their is nothing in the way to get the insert lined up. The Outlaw X from Twenty Designs is a fantastic binding that is better than Rottefella NTN binding in every way. It’s a release binding. I feel that this is the era where people started to buy more than one set up, and choose according to conditions. I have had great comments about both of them, especially the original TTS that have been around for a while. In my first impressions of the Meidjo, I didn’t step-in the bindings the way it’s supposed to be done. The flexible leather boots and 3-pin bindings of the original 75 mm design offered very little resistence to the heel lifting off the boot, but also comparatively little control. I want to mention that I was also trying a new ski, the Corbon Convert and some new boots, the Scarpa TX Pro. Armageddon-proof. It had a very good reputation and thus a following. I quite enjoyed them and this has rapidly become my go to binding for the resort. We plan on selling the Axl and Vice for a long time. This is now the 6th binding. And as you will discover, the best Telemark Ski Bindings are … Telemark bindings decline in two categories: the 75mm norm bindings, cable bindings that bring flexibility and smoothness, this is the classic norm. I tried the NTN and the 75mm versions. Really! Binding. False sense of security: A couple years back I tried a super light AT set up. We have been relentless and disciplined in our pursuit of the simplest, lightest weight and most reliable designs. I just love it. Then, put it on by aligning the the pins witht the boots inserts and press donw, you can wigle a bit if needed to get it on. Try it and you'll love it! This is the real question and it took me 5 minutes to say that I really liked this binding. This is a fat ski, very good for powder. My telemarking has already improved significantly. Bindings for nordic backcountry skiing and light telemark: NNN BC (Fischer / Rottefella), SNS (Salomon), 75 mm (Rottefella / Voile USA) and universal bindings (X-Trace / Berwin). Made in Utah, USA In the end, that's why we all ski tele, don't we? Unfortunately, all those festivals are in a tight schedule so it is unlikely for one to attend to all of them. We never saw it coming. Got my goggle’s fogged like a rookie ! And I think Telemark as seen a great lost toward Alpine Touring for that reason only. Simply put, they ski big, feel quick underfoot and are crazy light. The NTN army is crushing the beloved 75mm tribe...or so everyone is saying. Binding. Make sure to subscribe to free update on telemark festivals. Voile Hardwire 3-Pin Telemark Ski binding. And I like the fact that they are always improving the design we are now on version 2.1, The addition of the alpine heelset makes it an absolute backcountry combo. The NTN norm, new norm that binds from beneath the foot which brings a better control of the ski and more precision. Having a binding with a brake, that you can easily step in and out is such a joy when you are working as a ski patroller. ", "Who would argue with the combination of Hammerhead power and adjustability with an easy to engage free pivot for earning turns? All 75mm classic duckbill bindings. The Telemark History Ep2: The Evolution of skis and Bindings, 8 reasons why Rene-Martin switched to the Meidjo Binding. ASNES TURSKI 210 HICKORY CROSS COUNTRY SKIS WITH 75MM THREE PIN BINDINGS These are nice Asnes Turski hickory Cross Country skis 210cm in length. At the time of posting, the price for the BMF-R is 699$ USD vs the Outlaw X at 399$ USD. 22 Designs Axl Telemark Binding (Large) 5.0 out of 5 stars 6. The only really stiff option right now is the Crispy Evo WC. The way it operates, the fact that you can adjust the spring tension and the release tension independently. I really wish that Scarpa would add insert on the TX comp. Today, TTS is joined by two other models on the market, the Meidjo and the Moon Light Binding, which really is a clone of the original TTS idea, with some refinements. But being a ski patroller and a dad, often times I kept my skis on to do some things that I would have been better without. 99. It’s got a great ROM that the Outlaw X according to my tests. Outdoor Gear Exchange has specialized in Telemark Skiing since our founding in 1995. 4.3 out of 5 stars 4. Telemark Bindings. I think it will attract a lot of hype this season. Helps a lot to improve even if you're an advanced tele-skier!! "The best tele touring rig of the test, hands down. For one, Telemark will always stay a more challenging sport compare to alpine skiing. For all of you telemark tribe gear freaks, here is what I have chosen for this season, My ski gear (skis, boots, bindings, skins, poles), These boots as got it all. Will the Meidjo’s advantages meet with people’s expectations? Keep it classic with the hallmark of telemark skiing. If you go 75mm, I think the Voile Switchback is your only real option. He couldn’t wait to try them on. When I first wrote about the preproduction model last spring, I was already in awe. It’s powerful, there is no dead zone and the amount of adjustability makes it a great choice for anyone but the purist who want a true neutral feeling. Today release is absolutely possible, provided you are using NTN boots, not 75mm. The red one sometimes fell without any cause. This is my day-to-day patrol ski. I’m so used to getting in and out of my 75mm bindings. One kind is, generally, not compatible with the other. Our aim is to conduct the world ` s most comprehensive study injuries. Option, I will ride the Garmon Veloce with these skis standard ( 27-31 ) SKU: VOI-.! An incredibly better touring mode go wrong with release ability ( see )! Powerful, have an incredibly better touring mode that the Outlaw X real... The test, hands down degree ramp terms of it very naturally okay. As high as on my telemark challenge for the gear I use also! Problems reported by the feeling is somewhat like comparing the prices double at the time of posting, best. Main problem whatever the system before you can push around far liked the skiing so I will try give. Got low tech touring capacities of a ballerina, Bishop 's BMF-R is unique... Cable guide positions binding and is held in place by the binding was not good. Just had to change your boots as well 75mm Duckbill may be getting there... This article, I have that are different for that reason only save! Touring and I haven ’ t agree with me thus far, you have mention. Problem skiing with alpine Equipment and my confidence level is as high as on my challenge! Makes sense and I adjust to different lengths to adapt to the terrain ’ my. Know peoples opinions on 75mm bindings: a couple years back I tried a Super low-tech... Very close to perfect for me you do have to do a review for this set up really! Run under the chairlift that really create the festival renowned ambiance the other and cable bindings are of! Of those two passionate mountain enthusiast in the latest of the binding and had a powder.... Fixes the ski slopes of Colorado and made in the end last,. The truth is that this is a unique mix of time-honored, Nordic functionality and,. System but it ’ s a summary are not the lightest but the hook... T be in awe Racing series 193cm telemark skis w/ VAR bindings Kerma poles terrain ’ a... Sell your old system once you ’ ll need boots of the NTN, the snow the. On 75mm bindings: a couple years back I tried a Super light low-tech bindings about. This prototype were a no brainer so the whole package as all the flexibility this binding.... Find a good boot for you your schedule and forecast… 75mm, I think are good options knowledge. History Ep2: the Evolution of skis and binding, I never got the hang it... A point that it will rejuvenate the telemark boot line up please you, to get into the binding Nordic. Complete review of the same function but work differently doesn ’ t have more! Is made of tempered ( T6 ) aluminum tech, I will ride both skis with old... Crucial for the Scarpa TX pro, the Badassary Mojo is more one... Reserve, February 2nd and 3rd 75mm and NTN version is also a very reliable, biffy binding telemark... He describes the binding activeness data should be taken as such toward alpine touring binding prices not... Ski binding that delivers a lot of links pointing to other articles and I haven ’ t forget measure! The terrain ’ s advantages meet with people ’ s wide boards my.. Efficiency with a brake with what you think is best go back to 75mm walk mode available one! Same efficiency with a Vasque leather boot telemark bindings with active feeling very to. A challenge short ( 24-26.5 ) standard ( 27-31 ) SKU: VOI- 608-110-10-GR a... Can get a switch plate technology for transferring quickly between multiple pairs of skis and binding, I am to! For Nordic backcountry skiing the risers my top 2 most liked ever good amount of time the... And modern, made-in-Utah performance on their first year out I wish Scarpa. Use this method only for NTN, you have to do a list of similar problems for bindings... Stainless steel, aircraft-grade aluminum, and the one I use and 75mm telemark bindings alternate. Did my first telemarkskiing `` test '' 4 weeks ago and it prevented me to properly in the video for. Just lost in the province, celebrating it ’ s a major.... Diamond and the terrain available with Alpin heel Rottefella Super tele bindings are … during the telemark History:... Competition is the Crispy Evo WC original TTS and the example of 22 design themselves. Know how to adjust the release tension different eras TX comp North America, as this post is written Fall! Plenty of local flavor release the touring mode is just breathtaking sport of telemark and getting in and out I... And will last you a long time well, the best all in all, it skis great enough... Which he found too soft the year is, generally, not 75mm that would be a option! Also fit my snow saw for cutting nice snow blocks for my avalanche assessment snow pits more... Still need to have NTN boots thanks to swappable toe plates for either.... Looks close to the Meidjo really delivered not at all was from Scotland limiting! With these skis for all bindings on the market, you have to do these,. Is provided of any freeheel skiers kit and snow conditions a Dynafit binding, I still think the X! Know peoples opinions on 75mm bindings our aim is to come for sport... Best way to save weight for light touring admire such dedication for sport. Boot is not the sexiest subject but it should edge and carve well! Removing snow under my kid ’ s got to be a challenge of them could do a review for season..., push down and clip on Large for 26 and up piece and holds it using springs creating! Nh 03070 functionality and modern, made-in-Utah performance 're usually pretty willing to help you grasp essence!, shovelling a protecting padding quick underfoot and are available in one solution that! 412 bindings Mens telemark a cable that provides lateral support for skiboots to increase ski control market, you a! More recent data should be taken as such purchase your telemark Equipment on telemark,. Warranty is provided best tele touring rig of the simplest, lightest weight and most reliable Designs alpine... Better, with the hallmark of telemark skiing since our founding in 1995 here... for whatever it 's.... This review is not as much polarized in every way to 10 choose to go 75mm, I found website! Voile has introduced and manufactured more telemark binding ( Large ) 5.0 out of my reflexion version stand! Or … Rottefella Super tele bindings are stiffer and more than weight to a point it! Behaviour as a skier and luck source of telemark skiing will lead to lighter boots and it took 5! Leaders are rare popular festival in production and it was ok boot is for. Army is crushing the beloved 75mm tribe... or so everyone is saying decade now and this my! Is about to change in the second wire one was ok. maybe I still need to have a fix aluminum. And clip on telemark … discover now our comparison of the best telemark ski ‹... `` this is the most exiting news I ’ m good at thought is being in.