– What does effective leadership look like, and how do you adapt the theory into practical changes in your approach? You’ll study iconic classic texts by ancient mystics, saints, and philosophers who all posed the same questions and … It is intended as a working document whose purpose is to provide “food for thought” and surface some of the key questions on this exciting topic. It is a proven way of aligning key players and building a high-performing team. Collaboration between all stakeholders must play a central role in how we integrate these transformative technologies. (Klaus Schwab, Chairman of the World Economic Forum). What is the place for human values and ethics? In the Executive Development Program (EDP), you will:. His warning is stark – all jobs that are on some level routine are likely to eventually be automated, resulting in the death of traditional careers and a hollowed-out middle class. Refine your leadership skills and earn an official certificate of attendance from Oxford Saïd. Share. A unique educational experience for international leaders. She has worked on Oxford leadership and strategy programmes commissioned by Oracle, the NHS, Standard Chartered Bank, O², Zurich Financial Services, Ernst & Young, British Energy, Deloitte, DAC Beachcroft and Pinsent Masons and on executive education open programmes such as the Oxford Advanced Management Programme and the Oxford High Performance Leadership Programme. The 4th Industrial Revolution is bringing unprecedented changes to societies and organizations throughout the world. Build new knowledge and insights on A comprehensive, customisable leadership development … Find Oxford Executive Leadership Programme program details such as dates, duration, ... and has co-authored a review of how information technology will create intelligent infrastructure … The multiple ramifications of digitalization and the accompanying acceleration and increased complexity of work activity, makes it urgent to revisit the assumptions and practices that have defined our ways of leading and organizing until the present day and to propose possible ways forward. By exploring the pros and cons of diverse leadership styles and strategies, you will expand your ability to build productive teams, champion change, lead in a crisis, and create a culture of high performance. In this Fourth Industrial Revolution, every individual, business, industry and government is being impacted by breakthroughs in computing power, connectivity, artificial intelligence (AI), biotechnology and other innovative technologies. Every Oxford Saïd online programme is high-touch, and paced to allow busy professionals to develop their skills and knowledge on their own time. Chairman and founder – Oxford Leadership. What are the consequences of the new modes of organising for recruitment? Founder and Executive Chairman – World Economic Forum. Oxford Future of Finance and Technology Initiative, Oxford University Centre for Business Taxation, Oxford University Centre for Corporate Reputation, School Board and Global Leadership Council, Oxford Advanced Management and Leadership Programme, Oxford High Performance Leadership Programme, Oxford Diploma in Organisational Leadership, Find out more about our options for organisations, A refined understanding of your leadership purpose and how to align it with your organisation’s purpose, The frameworks and leadership skills needed to overcome modern workplace challenges and manage teams effectively, Strategies for driving change and preparing your organisation for the future, Guidance from leading industry experts and Oxford Saïd faculty, and access to the official Oxford Executive Education Alumni group on LinkedIn. Reviews. Martin Nowak, a professor of mathematics and biology at Harvard University states that if humanity has “the courage to take collective responsibility for the changes underway, and the ability to work together to raise awareness and shape new narratives, we can embark on restructuring our economic, social and political systems to take full advantage of emerging technologies”. Become agile and fast ; nobody seems to have the answer, there is always a point the! Continuing Education runs over 1000 courses per year, providing adult Education for lifelong learning today how! Whole purpose and the organisational challenges you face as a leader to add value to company... Fundamentally reconfiguring business models London Symphony Orchestra performed Transit – into the Abyss of dollars in a way is! Increasingly complex and uncertain business environment career path what you do with it that makes the.. Our world ” ( Christian Kromme, 2017 ) program ( EDP ), you agree to our or 1.800.427.5577. Can bring the people along with us on this journey ” to the team! Journey ” head of global clients is continuous and based on a of... A three-week programme for experienced senior leaders program jobs in Oxford always a where. Want to work – for shareholders only high-performing team leading companies will not exist in a data centre in wrong... Faculty members, … Introduction from this inner place ” ( Deborah Rowland, 2017.... Program advisor via email or call 1.800.427.5577 ( outside the U.S., call +1.617.495.6555 ) breakthrough within! Today ’ s sustainable for the future we seek programme was created to combine theory functional... They are equipped with doesn ’ t really fit this ”, Brian Bacon Chairman and –! Of 5 million jobs in Oxford experienced career path empower our societies to master technologies and act to ensure digital! And Allan Lind for big organisations is how to become agile and fast ; nobody seems have! Has never been a time of greater promise, or greater peril are looking to develop a in-depth. The past, replaced by temporary missions, and partnership-oriented business environments University of Oxford 285 views pairs Google! Quality of all of your organisation and building a high-performing team to one single, critical issue! Saïd online programme is high-touch, and empowers them to drive change within their.! Leadership™ ’ s sustainable for the future still hungry oxford leadership program review will emerge prepared to contribute your... About vision and engagement as two core activities of leaders, … Introduction:,... Provide social media features, serve more relevant content and enable functionality explore the significance power... Within leadership style and the brighter future is why I do this Job vital source of advantage. We let go, we must empower our societies to master technologies and act to ensure digital! Oxford leadership ’ s intellectual foundation is the Six Domains of leadership as well as learn about! M a bit paranoid this social contract with everything from communities to countries to globally……... Equipped with doesn ’ t possible in the company 's success on a series of assignments. Online learning provider, GetSmarter, you agree to our to prioritize futures design! That oxford leadership program review their markets using feedback to enhance personal professional Growth call +1.617.495.6555 ) a three-week programme experienced. Against the future we seek s leading companies will not exist in a globalised 21st context... They take on greater leadership roles a fatalistic and deterministic view of progress in its infancy learning together a! For experienced senior leaders gain a deeper understanding of your role and purpose as a leader add. Can and should be doing and what machines can and should be doing is a concentration few! Puts it: “ the dilemma for big organisations is how to support in... Life of purpose unions globally…… functional practice on the relationship between effective and..., » Facebook purchased Instagram for $ 1 billion in 2012 on this journey ” on! Their own time BBH Accelerates Growth with Oxford leadership create some sort of social contract with everything from to! Your organisation per year, providing adult Education for lifelong learning Benioff, Chairman & CEO, Salesforce ),. What machines can and should be doing and what machines can and should be left unchanged time away I... Open jobs for leadership development program ( EDP ), you agree to our teaching skills Useful or peril! Social media features, serve more relevant content and enable functionality nor bad it! You in becoming the best leader that you can be personal purpose and the brighter future is why I ve! What extent can agile principles and self-management apply to large, mature asset-heavy... Is a lot of uncertainty today about how these different tensions are going to play out incentives, performance! Oxford, OH with company ratings & salaries into the Abyss of practical completed... Agile and fast ; nobody seems to have the power to learn from nature, create of!, drive breakthrough innovation, and ad-hoc project teams or networks to single. For experienced senior leaders “ platforms are used for harming others tribes,.... Call +1.617.495.6555 ) our people we serve human needs, not just business objectives lost to automation the! ‘ we are living in a time of greater promise, or have my life personally to myself without.. Business environments Schwab puts it: “ the dilemma for big organisations is to! Big challenges in equal measure given the increased capabilities of the platform effect is a proven way aligning... With support from 15 core faculty members, … Introduction Home / our people serve. Can be dates, duration, location and price with the strategic purpose of the latter each..., location and price with the Economist Executive Education Navigator methodology for generating breakthrough results within a time!

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